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Pallet collars were designed for installation on pallets as the walls of the container. For ease of transportation and storage, they are sufficiently compact fold with Staples. Placing products inside the boards, you can build a container to required height by placing the boards on top of each other. During transportation the boards securely protect your products inside the container. These products can be used effectivelyin the process of sorting the products in inventory, as well as in many packaging systems where you plan to use the pallet.

Main dimensions flanges800 x 600, 1200 x 800, 1200 x 1000, all of them 195 mm tall, 20 mm thick, with 4 galvanized staples from the boards of natural moisture.
The boards can be manufactured for all types of pallet dimensions are irrelevant.
Big bags are used to transport and store various kind of loose, dry, finely dispersedand coarse materials.


Big bag bags may have one, two or four handles. Similarly, when you want to buy big bags, you must determine what duty in question, because their strength can vary from 500 kg to 23 tons. In addition, there are differences in the boot device and unloading valve, which can be several and they come in different shapes and structures.


Big bag price varies depending on the modifications. The same may be included full color, high quality printing.


Transport and storage in such bags usually are not slezhivajushhegosja or little slezhivajushhegosja loose cargo. The latter type of goods stored in big bags.


When buying variants of FIBC different kind of unloading hatches in the bottom, a polymer liner, which enhances the protection of stored or transported product, raw materials, is capable of raising the temperature loading products to eighty, ninety degrees Celsius. They are all equipped with Pocket into which is placed the supporting documentation. Transport and storage durability sod cargo.

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“Интернешнл Палета Центр” Company from 2004 year is sure toconquerboth the European and domestic pallet market.
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